The Memory Maker

Their first drawing, their first painting, their first tracing-so hard to throw them all away. I keep scrap books stuffed with these items and in one book I cut the pictures out and use them like a picture alphabet book so they can be looked at for learning and not just stuffed behind the sofa.

This got me wondering if there are any other ideas for keeping our memories alive.


Take a photo of your child’s artwork and collect the photographs on Pinterest for them to see when they’re older. No need to keep heaps of paper


An app that lets you capture works of art, special times and messages all in one place by their age. Bring the memories to life


Nothing better than looking through objects that have an important meaning no matter how small. I have shells, jewellery, cards, photos and baby clothes in a special box. Even my little girls umbilical chord is in a bag (Not my idea-it’s gross)


Here are my scrap books-I love them



You can buy some lovely items too-silver fingerprint jewellery. First tooth silver boxes and photo albums.


I think it will be lovely for my daughter to see how she grew, what she did and where she went. These are the times that will help her develop and learn.

These are the memories I have too of being a mum.

Have a lovely weekend.



Too Much Of Everything

I don’t think I used to be a hoarder and I don’t really think I am now but I can’t explain how every corner is full of stuff!


Stuff in the cupboards, stuff in every drawer, stuff under tables and stuff over-taking every room.

I keep quite a tidy home on the exterior but look in an cupboard and you’ll find them brimming with stuff.

Obviously the fact that one of me became three has added to the situation but it’s one lovely little girl that has really changed things.

Like most Mums I want her have the best I can afford but as she approaches four years old I am of the opinion that I may have gone a little over the top in my generosity. I haven’t substituted material things for time either-we spend lots of time together and we enjoy good old fashioned fun.

These are the ‘stuff’ lists I need to do something about-I wonder if you are reading this and thinking the same:


I am a complete sucker for books and must buy a book or two at least every few weeks. We read together almost every night so I like books we can both enjoy. Trouble is that there are so many books we can’t see them all. I need to find a really good storage solution-oh and stop buying more books.


They are breeding in my house-every night I go in to my little girls room and she has gone to sleep with five or so different ones. Why do teddies have to be so huge these days too? They are under the bed, in baskets, in her bed, in my car, in the conservatory, on the table. Everywhere. Biggest trouble is now Mum is mean because I will not buy anymore soft toys-poor Ty Beanie Bert and Ernie were dumped in the toy shop today. I had to put my foot down.


I love making things and keep lots of bits n bobs for craft making. I can see a project with everything so always cut up old cards, keep bits of card and am always bring home the free pencils you get at restaurants. Its all stuffed in a craft chest-we love rooting about in it but is has made me a bit of ‘collector’


Um of course like any other woman I don’t have enough clothes and I never have the right outfit for an occasion but I am slightly embarrassed to admit I have two double wardrobes full of clothes split In to three sections-work, casual and going out. And I have similar for my daughter-two rails of clothes and a whole storage system full of tops and skirts. I know it’s too much and I need to get rid of items. I just hate throwing away things when there’s nothing wrong with them.

Today I’ve made a pact to myself to start de-cluttering.

It’s stressful having so much stuff around the house.

I really find it hard not to buy my little girl nice things but I must stop doing it or she wont value things.

Where do I start though? One room at a time? With the books, teddies and clothes? With a bonfire?

Stick with me-I can do this. Can you?

Just seen a lovely new dress though 🙂


Emerging From The Fog

My little girl is three and a half years old tomorrow and I feel like I’m emerging the fog of becoming a Mum for the first time. As she gains more and more independence I find myself not panicking if she goes out of the room without me, not watching her every second of the day and not feeling like I have to control her every more.


My little girl is becoming her own person-and I like it.

Of course I am still saying ‘Be careful’, ‘don’t’, ‘stop’, why?’ and ‘no’ far too many times in a day. Sometimes I irritate myself.

I am teaching my daughter that it’s ok for us all to be together but at the same time to do our own things. I believe everyone should have the freedom to pretty much do what they want to do but of course a lot of the day is spent doing things together too.

Now she occupies herself or helps me I have found the time to properly sort out my home. I don’t mean cleaning or washing-I mean properly sorting. I saw a photo of the house when we moved in when my daughter was about six months old-you could see floors and walls and everything.

My conservatory had floor space! How had it come a toy shop?

I am slowly de-cluttering and reclaiming some space back in the house.

Trouble is with the early years is that all of the toys are so darn big- a mini kitchen (Not mini at all), a balance bike, a pedal bike, a baby with potty’s, prams, cots, a drawing desk, an easel and mounds of soft toys. Yes I did buy it all but I don’t know if I was conscious or whether the Mummy fog was clouding my judgement,

The soft toys-I have to come back to them. Sometimes I think they are breeding. And they do breed-at every calendar moment-Easter…a new bunny, Christmas…a new Santa teddy, birthdays…a birth date teddy…a visit to the zoo…an animal teddy, a visit to fayre….win a blooming teddy.

Of course Summer is coming t’s teddy bears picnic time. We have enough teddies to host a picnic for hundreds. I secretly want to ties the teddies to balloons and set them free.

I want to banish the teddy. Become a teddy free zone. A teddyless society.

And balloons. Why is every occasion a balloon occasion-and who ends up holding them? Me!

When balloons manage to come home (If they survive ‘oops I let it go’) I get a pair of scissors and cut the bottom off so they deflate faster than you can say teddy. In the bin they go and I smile.

I’m not a minimalist by any chalk but I am growing an aversion to teddies and balloons!  

Sorry I went off on a different path then.

Back to emerging from the fog-I’ve realised since I became a Mum that I’m a little bit of a loner. I have lots of friends and know lots of great people but I tend to just do my own thing. I’m a doer and love being inspired to try out new things. I’m always cooking, crafting, gardening, planning days out or researching.

What’s great now is that my little girl can do things with me.

I hope this doesn’t read in a way I don’t mean but I felt for a long while that having little one is really restricting. Of course it’s enjoyable but I found the restriction of having a baby and then a toddler was really tough.

In just a few short years though I now feel that I have a companion in my daughter and I hope she will get the same enjoyment out of the things I love as I do.

If she doesn’t it really won’t matter because we can still be together doing different things.

The fog is clearing and I’m still here as the same person I was-it’s just that there’s now a beautiful little girl by my side.

Thank you for reading


Where have I been?


I haven’t blogged for ages. So where have I been?

The simple answer is I’ve been and still am in a tough place right now. It’s not easy to admit but things are getting on top of me a bit. I blame the weather-I don’t enjoy being stuck indoors. But it’s more than that.

I know plenty of other mums will understand me when I say that I just want to stop for a while.

I’m tired. I’m run down. I’m on my fourth week of having a cold this year and it’s not even March. I’m emotional. I’m feeling panicky.


Nothing. Everything. Nothing. Everything.

My mum used to say jokingly I wish someone would put me in solitary confinement for a couple of days.

Do you know what? I can see where she’s coming from.

Today I’ve been to a fitness and wellbeing Expo-and with my chipped finger nail paint and laddered tights I realised I am on the bottom of the priority list. Its understandable with a little girl I love and a job I love that my wellbeing is sometimes not at the forefront of my mind. I always try and do my best with everything.

Take today-before I to work my little girl was dressed in a lovely outfit, 2 loads of washing went in, I organised lunch for my family and went shopping. I on the other hand threw an outfit on and ran out of the door dishevelled.

I think it’s a sign of weakness to admit I’m a bit frazzled. Is it?

The funny thing is I’m not one of life’s chilled people anyway. I could be on my own in the universe-sitting down to watch a film would be the last thing on my mind. I like being busy, I like being inspired, I love DOING

So what will it take to get me back to a good place?

Healthy eating


Fresh air

Nail varnish

Loud music

and……. a goal.

Simple things can make you feel just great.

If you’re with me pop by and say hi.

Thanks for reading today


23 Relics

Watching my little girl drawing on my ipad I chuckled as I thought of all the things I used to have when I was growing up that she will think are really strange.

(A word of advice-don’t complete this exercise if you want to feel young)

Here is my top 23 items that have disappeared with the dinosaurs:


  1. Personal Stereo
  2. CD Walkman
  3. Blackboards
  4. Video player
  5. VHS tapes
  6. Soda stream
  7. Analogue TV with 3 channels to choose from
  8. TV that stopped broadcasting at the end of the schedules
  9. TV cabinets that closed around it to hide it. Though no one ever closed it
  10. On/off buttons on the TV
  11. Top of the pops
  12. Commodore 64
  13. Atari Pong game
  14. Our Price
  15. Woolworths
  16. Ceefax
  17. Phone boxes
  18. Phone credit cards
  19. Hifi’s
  20. Ghetto blasters
  21. Kodak cameras with film
  22. Fax machines
  23. Polaroid cameras

This list has really made me laugh and Googling them has made me laugh even more.

My highlight was when I got my first Sony CD Walkman- the music used to jump if you knocked it when walking and there was never a comfortable way of carrying them-I think I once had a CD Walkman carrying bag-cringe. Let me see if I can find an image.

Here is my Walkman:


Oh cringe-here is a bag just like the one I had.


And this was the latest technology!

Have I missed anything off?

Let me know.

Can’t wait to explain these things to my daughter


Turn The Page

World Book Day is coming soon-March 6th 2014 and my little girl has just brought a letter from school saying they have to go in dressed as a character from their favourite book.


I’m so excited-I mean my daughter is so excited.

This comes on the day, however, that as I was tidying her room this morning I found two crumpled pieces of a gorgeous pop up book in her bed. I was a bit sad to see she’d ripped this as it really it a lovely bright book with lovely thick glossy pages.

She loves books though and has a bookcase full in her bedroom and a book box in the living room. At Christmas time we have a Christmas book box filled with stories of Santa, Snowmen and the Twelve Days of Christmas.

I love books and have a floor to ceiling book case-full of art books, novels and hobby books. I have a case full of cook books too.

But I rarely get to read which is sad.

Books are a way of escaping, a way of dreaming and a great insight in to other people’s lives.

So what are our favourite books?

My daughters:

  1. Daisy Duck-A delightful story of a little duck who swims off with out her Mummy
  2. Peppa Pig and the tooth fairy
  3. Flip and flop-a story about two penguin friends
  4. Santa needs a wee-yes it’s still out and being read
  5. Day Monkey and Night Monkey (Secretly my favourite book of hers too!)

My favourite books:

  1. Phantom of the Opera by Susan Kay
  2. The Chronicles of Narnia
  3. The Diary of Anne Frank
  4. Lord of the flies
  5. We’re going on a bear hunt (Love reading this to my daughter)

There are some great resources for parents:

WORLD BOOK DAY ONLINE STORY http://www.worldbookday.com/videos/dr-seuss-on-the-loose/

TIPS ON HEARING YOUR CHILD READ http://www.topmarks.co.uk/parents/ten-tips-on-hearing-your-child-read

BUY BOOKS TO SUIT THEIR AGE http://www.thebookpeople.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/cms_rhPlainArticle?storeId=10001&catalogId=10051&langId=100&articlePath=%2Fjamboree%2FRed+House%2FTop+10s%2FTop+Ten+Books+by+Age%2FThree+years+%2B

So celebrate World Book Day and get reading.

I’ll let you know if my daughter goes to school as a duck or a pig!