About me

I am a full time advertising manager with a local newspaper The South Wales Evening Post. I had my daughter in 2010 and have to say nothing can prepare you for juggling work and home life. When I was growing up I spent a lot of time making craft objects, cooking and learning. I want to pass these experiences on to my little girl.

I have always cooked her food-even now she goes to nursery twice a week with her lunch box. I enjoy learning and becoming a better mum. Ticking the yes box on the sign in sheet in nursery is the easier option but cooking her food is the more fulfilling option.

My blog will give you some ideas for craft, cooking, days out, living on a budget, time saving tips, using leftovers and some advice for those of you on a budget.

I love being a mum. I’m tired. I’m scruffy. My nails need painting but I’m happy

I hope you enjoy my blog-please give me your tips and advice.

This is a journey and I’m still learning.

Amanda x


3 thoughts on “About me

    • Wen I read your comment I went white. I thought oh no are my untainted toe nails in a photo ha cringe. Nice to meet you- funnily enough just painted my nails. We should invest in quick nail wipes 🙂

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