Party To Plan Four

It’s that time again-my little girl is soon turning four years old.

I decided I wouldn’t do a party every year but this year I think it’s the first year she truly understands what a birthday is and what happens. So I’m doing a birthday tea instead.

It will be a small gathering-the main reason is I’d like her to have friends over so they can all play with her new presents which are hidden in my garage-two huge pirate ships, a ship wreck and a little rowing boat-all with figures, swords, treasure etc. I cannot wait to get them out and take charge of the playing.

The present got me thinking I could do a little pirate theme tea party-so like last year I thought I’d share my ideas with you.

The aim of this party is to have as much fun in the preparation as the party.

So we made a start today-eight weeks before the big day (Rainy day fun)

GOLD DABLOONS Made from shiny gold card, cut out and decorated with permanent black pen. Draw round a Playdoh pot to get the shape)

PIRATE FLAGS Made from black card, skulls made from white paper folded in half and half the image drawn on. You can cut out 6 or more skulls at one time. Decorate with black pen and fasten to wooden BBQ skewers.

TELESCOPE Made from a long wrapping paper tube, a kitchen roll and a toilet roll. All stuck together with glue and decorated with tin foil and paper. Fastened with sellotape.

INVITATIONS Will be made soon from brown paper, our house will be x marks the spot and a map drawn on. once decorated the paper will be scrunched to give an old effect and burnt on the edges by me.

GIANT PIRATE SHIP It is my intention to create a huge pirate ship from cardboard boxes for the children to sit and play in. I’ll use string for the sails, lids for the port holes and old sheets for the sails. It won’t matter if it’s broken as long as it creates some fun.

HUNTING FOR TREASURE If I get the time I want to get some sand so the kids can go raking around for some treasure. Just sand in a bucket with things hidden inside.

PIRATE GAMES My daughter has a pirate fuzzy felt, pirate books, a pirate DVD and some dressing up items. All which will be put out to play with.

PIRATE PINATA The hunt is on for a pirate piñata to top off the party

FOOD I haven’t even thought about food yet but i’ll probably make some cup cakes, skull sandwiches, pizza swords and a box of treasure hula hoops.

I love all the fun of making and also enjoy planning a party on a budget. Its so much more fun and I think more thoughtful. Watching my little girl and my husband bickering over who had the tin foil today made me realise it’s less about the money you spend and more about time you spend together sorting everything out.

We have just one hurdle to overcome-how on earth does she choose just 4 or 5 friends out of her 34 class mates?

I’ll try and share more as we get closer to the day.








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