What Makes A Successful Telesales Advisor?

This week I have been asked to define what makes a successful salesperson-as an advertising sales manager of twelve years this was obviously a walk in the park. Not the case. It was actually a little challenging as I’ve never in twelve years had to pin point it.


But I have to pin point it so I can recruit someone with the attributes to become a successful salesperson and I have to pin point it so I can coach a salesperson to develop these traits if they don’t have them already. I can create a culture environment which supports and encourages these behaviours.

This is what I have written so far-if you are a salesperson how many of these do you relate to? Have I missed any?

All feedback welcome

What Makes A Successful Telesales Advisor?

Someone who has the…

  • Desire to source leads and look for new opportunities in the market place by constantly searching through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, competitive media, Google searches, referrals


  • Ability to portfolio sell but to have solid reasoning behind packing products together


  • Knowledge of marketing information available: web traffic, readership figures, survey data, customer testimonials, Google rankings, socio demographic groups, how different social groups use the internet


  • Confidence to ask for big money by series selling across portfolio with marketing information to back up the pitch


  • Ability to sell a creative idea to a client which could be based on a trend, need to raise profile, beat a competitor, time sensitive awareness campaign, brand building exercise, anniversary etc


  • Make high volumes of activity to lead generate-includes emails, social media posts, telephone calls.


  • Understanding of the need to fact find to determine a client’s needs


  • Ability to research if pitching a specific product such as SEO, Online profiles, Social media, niche


  • Target driven mentality with a keen understanding of how the target can be met with preparation, pre book and activity


  • Need to offer excellent customer service by ensuring package sold is delivered, invoiced correctly, proofed and communicated.


  • Understanding of how to sell with a creative solution


  • Desire to learn new skills, selling techniques, customer behaviours


  • Confidence to sell to a client who has said no in the past


  • Ownership of their own clients-sales, queries


  • Attitude of a can-do salesperson who can create opportunities using many different sources.


  • Need to market themselves within the business community by joining networking groups, posting and commenting within LinkedIn, sending mail shots, using Twitter and Facebook. Promotions within print


Thank you for reading-have a great week


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