Rubbish Mums


A pack of scented wet wipes on a white background

When your family grows by one or more you become increasingly aware of the amount of household waste that is thrown away every day-particularly when you are in the nappy phase.

I took my daughter to a science museum this weekend where one of the exhibitors were appealing to the public not to throw waste down the toilets. I’ve always disposed of nappies safely but I do sometimes throw a wet wipe down the toilet. I didn’t realise the effect this has on our water supply:

  • The wet wipe market is growing at more than 15% a year according to research
    company Nielsen.
  • They don’t break up like tissue
  • Fat sticks to them and hardens to cause what the industry call ‘Fatbergs’
  • Wet wipes will block the system as they aren’t designed to decompose

With this in mind I am going to ditch the wet wipes and go back to good old fashioned soap and water. On cue my little girl has just come running in after washing her hands-so there is life after wet wipes. Are you an eco-mum?



Another idea I stumbled upon is bird cakes using left over cooking oil.

I bought a cheap little kit to do this but you can make the so easily.

It services two purposes-feeding the birds and creating a use for cooking oil which is hard to dispose of.


Get a silicone muffin case

Drape in a piece of string folded in half (So it forms a handing loop at the top)

Fill the case with birdseed

Pour in left over cooking oil

Put in the fridge to set

Another idea for old cooking oil is to put it in a vessel-leave to set and then scoop in to the food waste bin.



Another lovely idea for re-using glass jars-cover with crystals, tie ribbon round the centre, fill with pebbles or add a tealight. The uses are endless-it’s really easy to create shabby chic jars by using pinking shears to cut hearts out of fabric and glue to the glass-tie a ribbon around the top and glue a button in the centre and you can use the jars for holding cotton buds, make up brushes, toothbrushes-what ever you like.

If you search the internet for homemade gifts you will find lots of ideas for glass jars.

It’s really satisfying making something pretty and a lovely project to do with children.

Hope you enjoyed this blog.

Next time I write I might just be wearing a kaftan



Do you speak English?

Ok so I’ve something new to contend with as a mum that I have never really considered.


My daughter now speaks Welsh-she’s three, she lives in Wales, she is Welsh so it all adds up.

But I’m English!

Whats the problem?

I’ve always loved learning and as you’ll  see from my blogs I enjoy teaching my little girl new things, making learning fun and finding out what she’s learning at school so I can help her learn the same thing at home.

But what do you do when you don’t have a clue what your child is saying and you don’t know how it’s spelt to Google it?


So far I’ve learnt how to count from one to ten in Welsh, I can sing ‘A rainbow’ and I know a few colours so I’m holding my own at nursery level Welsh.

But I do have secret weapons……..my Welsh friends and Facebook.

So I’m not totally on my own.

It it won’t be long before my little girl leaves me singing colours though as a sentence is beyond my means.

It’s funny but you sort of mentally dish out who will teach what:

Dad- Maths

Mum-art and craft


Dad- history

Mum- English

Im a creative person- I like to see and experience. I have a short attention span but love learning new things.

Dad loves facts, history, detail.

Neither of us speak Welsh.

I think that just makes it all the more fun and I’ll try my best to support my daughter a much as I can.

When the time comes that I don’t know my Popty Ping from my Oven then I’m in deep water.

There’s lots of good advice out there but the main one is to always speak in your native language, praise your child when they speak an alternative language and ask them to explain what they are saying to you.

Phew! That’s me sorted then.

So it’s Au Revoir I mean Hwyl Fawr from me-have a good week and spare a thought for me.

In the future when the Wales V England rugby matches are on there will be two flags flying.

Can’t wait!

Happy St David’s Day 2014 to all my friends