23 Relics

Watching my little girl drawing on my ipad I chuckled as I thought of all the things I used to have when I was growing up that she will think are really strange.

(A word of advice-don’t complete this exercise if you want to feel young)

Here is my top 23 items that have disappeared with the dinosaurs:


  1. Personal Stereo
  2. CD Walkman
  3. Blackboards
  4. Video player
  5. VHS tapes
  6. Soda stream
  7. Analogue TV with 3 channels to choose from
  8. TV that stopped broadcasting at the end of the schedules
  9. TV cabinets that closed around it to hide it. Though no one ever closed it
  10. On/off buttons on the TV
  11. Top of the pops
  12. Commodore 64
  13. Atari Pong game
  14. Our Price
  15. Woolworths
  16. Ceefax
  17. Phone boxes
  18. Phone credit cards
  19. Hifi’s
  20. Ghetto blasters
  21. Kodak cameras with film
  22. Fax machines
  23. Polaroid cameras

This list has really made me laugh and Googling them has made me laugh even more.

My highlight was when I got my first Sony CD Walkman- the music used to jump if you knocked it when walking and there was never a comfortable way of carrying them-I think I once had a CD Walkman carrying bag-cringe. Let me see if I can find an image.

Here is my Walkman:


Oh cringe-here is a bag just like the one I had.


And this was the latest technology!

Have I missed anything off?

Let me know.

Can’t wait to explain these things to my daughter


2 thoughts on “23 Relics

  1. This ties to a conversation I had with my husband earlier! Our 4yo son was singing, leading my husband to exclaim, “He’s signing Imagine Dragons!” and then quickly follow up with, “Wait, the stuff we listen to now will be his childhood memories. We’d better listen to good music!”

    I laughed and said, “Well, nothing we listen to is ‘I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates, you’ve got a brand new keeeeeey.'” (My mom listened to that terrible song ad nauseum one summer. Gah!)

    My husband paused and said, “That song doesn’t even make sense anymore.” And I realized that it barely made sense to me when I was little. I only knew because of garage sales. So, someday if my son hears that song, he’s going to have a WTF moment. Hopefully, though, he’ll never hear the song. 🙂

    • I was dancing in front of my three year old the other day and she looked indifferent as I pranced around the room. I felt really silly. Thanks for you message-it really made me laugh

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