Pass me The Tissues

The first Nativity.


Yes ok so I cried before my little girls nativity concert, I cried as she came out, I cried as she came on stage, I cried when she waved to me in the crowd and I cried when she sat down. My other half looked and me and said “Why are you doing that? No-one else is?”

So why did I cry?

It has always been my choice to be a working mum- There have been a few wobbles when I thought I wanted to be part of the full time mum circle of trust- but generally when I leave for work every morning I feel proud that I’m supporting my family and am able to provide a fairly decent standard of living.

But it’s the odd ‘concert’ sort of moments when I come over all wobbly and protective and more importantly an embarrassing blubbing mess.

It’s tough being a working mum. Most of the time I think I cope very well- I’m organised, resourceful, creative and hard working. Sometimes though I just want to stop the world and get off for a while. Normally these ‘moments’ are like flu- 24 hours and I’m over it-enthusiastic again and making more silly plans.

I’m a bit of a secret sobber though and I know I’m not alone-here are some of the things I cry at:

  • In work I cried at one of those movies that shows the triumphant sports team moment when they didn’t believe they could win but they did (Major cringe moment)
  • I cry at horses running slowly to music on film!
  • I cry at mummy and daughter stuff in films
  • I cry at old people being sad in movies
  • Sometimes if I’m having a bit of a tantrum I cry
  • Masterchef!
  • I now cry at nativity plays

I can’t blame the hormones-I’ve always cried- I blame E.T for starting it all off-why did he have to die and the song Bright Eyes on Watership down-oh boy. (Control, breath)

Do you cry at silly things? I’d love to know I’m not a total sad sop!

I like to think I’m sensitive.

Just you wait December 2014- if my girl has a speaking or singing part in the nativity play  I may need a shoulder to cry on-I may need bed rest afterwards

Enjoy December eveyone


3 thoughts on “Pass me The Tissues

  1. It’s as if you wrote a post about me! Our little one’s first nativity is in a couple of weeks. She’s been practicing at home and I got teary! I didn’t do the donkey actions right apparently… Definitely no makeup that day.

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