Homemade Is Not Second Best

Remember I showed you a fantastic toy from Amazon (super sorter)that I couldn’t afford to buy?- here it is as a reminder:


Well I decided I could make something similar for a fraction of the price. And I have:


For our set I bought:

  • Coloured paper clips £1
  • Coloured pom poms 79p
  • Buttons (Already had)
  • Pipe cleaners (69p)
  • Coloured buttons £1.29
  • Plastic tool box £2.49
  • Stars, snowflakes and Christmas tree sprinkles (Already had)

My little girl loves sorting everything in to colours-we tip the entire box of goodies over a rug and then sort by colour or shape. It’s great for learning colours, shapes, sizes and for improving dexterity. Best of all it has a lid so I can safely tuck it all away.

I think in todays society there’s so much pressure to buy so many different toys that promise to do this and that and to pay so much for things. Happiness can’t be bought-sometimes the most simples things provide more enjoyment. Here are my top ten things to keep from household ‘rubbish’:

  1. Toilet roll tubes-to make animals or binoculars
  2. Shoe boxes-to make miniature gardens or play houses
  3. Empty milk bottles (plastic)- fill with rice for musical shaker
  4. Old magazines-cut out people and then cut in to three and play match
  5. Empty milk bottles (plastic)- cut top offs to make scoops to water or sand
  6. Cellophane from flowers- make a seascape picture
  7. Tissue-pinch tops together and make ghosts. Throw them in the air and watch the fall
  8. Egg boxes-to make counting game by numbering the sections
  9. Birthday cards-cut out all the pictures and put them in a little tin for making pictures with
  10. Leaves-make excellent pictures for Autumn

I love making things for my girl to play with- so before you chuck things away think of what you can make with it.

Save your pennies too

Thanks for reading-any ideas you have please share them with me


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