Learning shouldn’t cost money

My three year old daughter is getting very inquisitive now and I’m really keen on playing games which help her learn numbers, letters, shapes and colours.

I saw this easy idea for a counting game which costs nothing to make. For more numbers jut use a bigger egg box. You can use stones, pasta or money to help them learn that one item goes in the section numbered one and so forth.


Ive shared this before but thought it was good to be reminded of this simple game my friend Louise created for her little boy. I’m always inspired by the fun things she does.


Alphabet stones cost nothing and when you’ve finished with them they can go back outside.

The next game is one my friend bought from Amazon. An amazing game that helps all areas of learning-colours, shapes, sorting, numbers, fine motor skills and much more. Sadly the price tag is way out of my reach but I hope with my creativity I can create a similar set under ten pounds. So that will be my next project.

The ‘real thing’ is below and the link to buy it is below. If I could afford it I would buy it in a shotimage


Just a short blog this week-I’m knee deep in toddler toys!

Have a good week



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