Is there such a thing as the terrible three’s?

I thought I’d share today some of the things my lovely little girl has been up to this week-I might save this blog and pin it to her Facebook site in years to come but it makes me wonder if there’s a Terrible Three stage!


Lady ‘You were a good girl in that game weren’t you?’

My daughter ‘No I wasn’t’

Now I have to say that I only have this trouble, mainly, when me and my husband are together. I don’t know if she’s playing up, playing us against each other or just playing the buffoon.

Well a problem shared….here are some of the  little escapades have I witnessed this weekend:

Cloth handkerchief in the toilet

Watch in the kitchen bin

Breaking a plastic spade in a nik nak shop

Wiping her nose on my dress

Running outside with no pants on

Getting a toy stuck in her mouth and having a mum jack on the breaks, go running round the car holding up the traffic hyper-ventilating

Opening the party gift we wrapped for her friend

Asking for a magazine while on the potty

And finally using croquet sticks as sledge hammers!


I’m sure I’m not alone here-any advice for me.

My husband is away on training and left this afternoon and there hasn’t been one incident-he will do anything to avoid confrontation-I’m happy to sit it out and make sure my little girl knows bad behaviour is not acceptable (I find it very upsetting but I know I’m teaching her for the right reasons and I always make sure we have a laugh afterwards). I think it’s the two different styles of parenting that is causing the friction.

I think I’ll do some research on this online-I’ll share it if I find anything useful. Like I said before I can’t be alone.

I found this great list-10 Ways 3 year Olds Are Much More Terrible Than Two Year Olds (edited slight to fit in with my blog):

1. At 2, they can barely talk.

At 3, they never shut the hell up.

2. At 2, they cry.

At 3, they throw temper tantrums so epic, you become convinced that they are possessed by the devil.

3. At 2, they’re happy to eat anything you present to them.

At 3, they eat only three foods (usually consisting of a starch and processed cheese).

4. At 2, baths are a 10-minute event, the result of which is a clean child.

At 3, baths take over an hour and result in a drenched bathroom, sopping wet mommy, and 16 used towels.

5. At 2, they wear diapers that can be changed on your watch.

At 3, they’re potty trained and the world revolves around their bladders and bowels.

6. At 2, they are distracted by a box of Gerber Puffs at the grocery store.

At 3, they want to dictate your entire food list.

7. At 2, they let you dress them, looking innocent and adorable.

At 3, they insist on picking out their clothes.

8. At 2, they don’t like to get dirty.

At 3, they thrive on it.

9. At 2, you can do things for them, saving infinite amounts of time.

At 3, they must do everything by themselves, taking FOREVER.

10. At 2, manipulation is the last thing on their minds.

At 3, they own you. And they know it.

And on that note have a good week and I’ll try to make sure nothing else of mine is broken, binned or flushed!



From The Heart

I thought I’d write from the heart this week-show I’m not Mary Poppins.  I have always had to be ‘the strong one’ in my family for reasons I won’t go in to here-maybe ‘had to’ is not as correct as ‘chose to’.


I think I have found this a very hard role to move away from and now I have my lovely little girl I have to say that sometimes the pressure of still being the strong one is over whelming. When I lost my Mum to cancer two years ago that’s when most of my strength of character started to wobble. It’s not that I don’t have a Mum any more. I just can’t talk to her-I feel more like her every day and was startled last week when I had my hair cut to see her looking back at me. She would have enjoyed laughing at that! When Mum passed away I felt really alone-and have continued to ever since.

I’ve been the sole breadwinner for three years and to ensure we live a good life I’ve become a really thrifty, creative and hopefully inspiring mum. But it’s been tough. Luckily I love my job so it’s never been an option not to work. There have been days when all I wanted to do was sleep but I feel I’ve got through the hardest times.

My blog has helped me realise that there are lots of people like me who appear to be strong on the outside but have fears and worries the same as the rest of us.

Call this therapy- call it a blog! I thought I would list some of my worries and think you’ll understand where they come from:

  • The thought of my little girl going to full time school really upsets me. I’m almost crying now and I’ve only just started writing. She’s in full time nursery now so it shouldn’t be a problem but the thought of seeing her in school uniform upsets me. Stupid I know. She loves nursery-I loved school. I think it’s just the transition to big girl thing.
  • I thought I’d sneak this in second and type quickly so I can’t chicken out. I’m really afraid of dying-not for me but for my girl. I think that’s a result of me not letting go of control-I need to learn to let others help. But it’s not what I’m used to. My mum was a strong, independent woman- I think she became a bit of a martyr. I’m in danger of becoming the same. (Not going in to it anymore-it’s too painful)
  • I worry that my girl is missing out by me not having my family close by-I didn’t give this a minutes thought before.
  • Am I an old mum? At the moment I’m on the right side of 40-next year I’ll be due a free health check. When I was pregnant I was classed as a mature mother (The cheeky ********!!!!!)
  • Am I an ok mum?

OK so this is not an exhaustive list- my woes change daily but these few stay daily.

So if you read my blogs and think I am MUM OF THE YEAR material you may want to reconsider. I’m a bit like an M&M- hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

If you have any advice for me please share.

Don’t ask me how I am because I’ll always be fine- it’s when the mess has been tidied away, the dishes are washed and the sound is down on the TV-that’s when I don’t want to have the time to think.

Live for today!

Have a good week everyone



Learning shouldn’t cost money

My three year old daughter is getting very inquisitive now and I’m really keen on playing games which help her learn numbers, letters, shapes and colours.

I saw this easy idea for a counting game which costs nothing to make. For more numbers jut use a bigger egg box. You can use stones, pasta or money to help them learn that one item goes in the section numbered one and so forth.


Ive shared this before but thought it was good to be reminded of this simple game my friend Louise created for her little boy. I’m always inspired by the fun things she does.


Alphabet stones cost nothing and when you’ve finished with them they can go back outside.

The next game is one my friend bought from Amazon. An amazing game that helps all areas of learning-colours, shapes, sorting, numbers, fine motor skills and much more. Sadly the price tag is way out of my reach but I hope with my creativity I can create a similar set under ten pounds. So that will be my next project.

The ‘real thing’ is below and the link to buy it is below. If I could afford it I would buy it in a shotimage


Just a short blog this week-I’m knee deep in toddler toys!

Have a good week



Easy home makes

Easy home makes

My little girl is three in October so I wanted to make something personal for her. I haven’t used a pattern just cut two rectangles from some nice thick fabric. For the edging I bought some Pom Pom border. Turned cloth right sides facing in. Pinned and sewed. Make sure Pom poms re facing in to the centre so when you turn it inside out they are facing out. Leave a hole and stuff with wadding. I bought a huge bag from Dunelm for just £7.99. Enough to do about ten cushions.
I’m only a beginner so I’m quite pleased with how these have turned out.

Have a go mums!


I’m back! and thoughts on being a working-mum

You can still be a great Mum and work. But it’s not an easy option-rewarding but not easy

Great Mom Blog


I’ve been missing since April. It’s now September. Whew! I sure had neglected this blog.

Well, what matters now is I’m back. I’m certain I will be back for long this time. The reason? I’m a working woman now. I have time in the office that I can set aside to blog. Yay! It’s unlike being a stay-at-home mum when you just can’t find the time to blog!

It feels good to be back in the blogging mood. The thoughts you pen down (or rather, type down) and the memories you record are just so valuable when you look back at them. So I’m pretty much doing this for the future. Lol.

So, how does it feel to be a working woman again?

I’ve just resumed working in July, after a looooong time being a stay-at-home mum. My eldest is over 3 years old now. My youngest is 20 months…

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Rainbow Vegetables

I passed through a Welsh country village this weekend and did a stopover to visit a huge fruit and veg shop-somehow I managed to spend a fortune as I picked up every Autumn vegetable in sight-a beautiful array of rainbow colours. In my basket I had a butternut squash, sweet potatoes, marrow,beetroot, carrots, melon, cherries, leeks, avocado, tomatoes and onions. No idea what to cook with it all!

I thought I’d share with you some of the things I cooked using these ingredients-mostly with my toddler in mind but partly because I want to lose some weight before Christmas (And not just from my purse!)

Butternut squash and carrot soup


Baked Stuffed Marrow


Steamed Red Cabbage and apple in the slow cooker


Boiled Beetroot (To put in a salad)


I also put a big tray of potatoes in to bake-enough for the week


Taking a bit of time to plan a healthy week ensures you start off on the right foot. It’s a little more time consuming to prepare fresh food but so much more tasty.

I hope you find some inspiration here

Have a good week