Toddler crafts for rainy days

One of my favourite things about being a mummy is making crafts. Most of the time I’m left on my own with the glue while my little girl has moved on to other projects. I still love it. To me it’s evocative of my childhood where I spent hours making miniature gardens on a saucer, crafts made out of recycled household bits and pieces and things made out of cut up Christmas cards.

Today’s blog is mainly pictures but the ideas are so simple and fun not many words are needed. So get out the glue and make a mess. Enjoy!


Paint stamps made from corks carved to with a Stanley knife to make circles, squares, diamonds etc. Lots of fun stamping them on to paper.


Paper plate flower cello taped on to a green plant stick. Easy!


Paper flowers in a yoghurt pop


Toilet roll animals


Weather mobiles


kite mobile


Plate forest-I couldn’t resist


Alphabet rocks from my creative friend Louise


Sweet tin covered in coloured paper and decorated with stickers.

Hope you like these. We we enjoyed making them.

Have a great week.



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