2p or not £2… That is the question

I remember how excited I was to get my first amount of pocket money in the 70’s. I know! I don’t look old enough but I was premature. Born a few years too early. I was allowed to spend 2p in the local shop when I went to get mums bread. Because I was a big girl now. I always chose a huge chewing gum which lasted all the way home.


I was happy with my pocket money though. Naively happy!

A few years later in the 80’s I wanted to top up my meagre pocket money so went carol singing outside the old people’s home. A tissue came flying out of an upstairs window hiding promises of wealth. As me and my friends sang a ropey rendition of Good King Wenceslas. I couldn’t wait to unwrap it. What was it? …….oh it was 10p.

Really not worth the effort either as when I got home and told my mum she went berserk and made me go back and apologise for my ‘scrounging’

. image

A little further in to the eighties my pocket money grew with inflation to a whopping £2. Once I’d saved a few months worth I ventured in to town on the bus and headed straight to Woolworths to buy some records. I remember buying Rick Astley and Brother Beyond records with such excitement. As I boarded the bus some of the ‘older kids’ asked me what I’d bought. Lets just say my excitement ended there and I was ridiculed all the way home-my financial independence was already causing me trouble. Surely the records I’d bought would go down in history as all time greats! Um…..no.


Many years later my parents came to the Big Smoke (Also known as Swansea) to see me as I lived my life as a student on super noodles and toast. All students know that when the parents come with them comes lavish gifts and back payments of ‘spoiling me’.  We passed a seconds hand record shop and went in. I eyed up a 90’s rave tape and realised I had no money. My student pockets were bare. My step dad then pressed a pound coin in to my hand and said ‘Here you let me me get that for you as you haven’t had your pocket money for a while’!!!! Excuse my rudeness but I wanted to tell him to stick his pocket money where there was only darkness.

I’m happy to say no music was harmed in the making of this blog but some ego’s were bruised. I’m also happy to say that I have my 2p ready for my little girl so we can start the cycle all over again.

Money doesn’t buy happiness but better music choices can.

“This post is an entry into the Tots100/Roosterbank Pocket Money Competition


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