Rainy day fun.

I’m really lucky to be surrounded by lots of mums who inspire me on a daily basis-one friend reminded me after my last blog that picnics aren’t just for the outdoors. I loved it when she told me that her little girls (not so little any more) still remind her of the days they used to have picnics at home. All the money in the world can’t but memories like that.


Well she got me thinking about the times when me and my little girl have spread our picnics out in the living room, invited a few teddies to join us, got the tea set out and eaten our lunch. Toddlers love role play so this is great bonding time and way to have fun. I have to say that I enjoy it almost as much a my daughter. It’s the mini china cups and saucers. Love them!

Here are my top ten fun things to do on a rainy day:

  1. Build a den out of two kitchen chairs and a bed sheet. Your little one will love hiding in there!
  2. Roll out a sheet of plain wallpaper and be as messy as you can with paint.
  3. Ask your toddler to put your money from the money jar in to piles. This keeps my little girl happy for ages.
  4. Have a play bath. I don’t have much time in the working week for this but on a weekend I fill the bath with toys, give my girl a straw to blow bubbles with, loads of bubble bath and off we go. Splashing and soaking the place. Brill fun.
  5. Collect your empty pop bottles to make skittles Or fill them with rice to make musical instruments.
  6. Toddlers love water! Get two washing up bowls or similar. Cut a milk carton in half just above the handle to make a scoop. Fill one bowl with water and watch them transfer water between bowls.
  7. Play shops by filling cereal boxes with rice, use empty egg boxes, sweet tubes, mini raisin boxes and empty washing up bottles. Place them on a low shelf and you have a shop!
  8. Make cookies but cut them in to star shapes or moons. Top them with fun things like chocolate sprinkles or mini sweets. Press in to the cookies while warm.
  9. Pairs! Playing pairs with cards but being really noisy when you find a pair is an educational game thats fun too.
  10. Dressing up. Old hats, big shoes, necklaces and handbags. Dressing up like mummy is what every girl loves. Get the boys to dress up likes dad. Clomping about in his shoes.


I’ve got so much to share with you-this blog is my gift to other mums.

Have a good week-my next few blogs will be sharing week day cooking, great toddler days out and maybe I’ll share with you a photograph of the cheese pretzels I’m making this afternoon-recipe by Annabel Karmel-a lady who’s work inspires me but often breaks me 🙂 My friends and I might be planning a group birthday party on a budget. I’ll share that too.

Come back again soon x


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