A crafty picnic.

I love picnics. There’s something special about eating outdoors and to top it all there’s no washing up and no cooking involved. I’d love to be a posh picnicker-my friend had some Bollinger and some French cheese in her picnic photo. Ooooh lovely!

My family are just as happy with some bits and pieces I’ve dug out from the fridge. I always take fruit, cheese and bottle of the water so we eat healthily. A few sandwiches, low fat crisps like Quavers, maybe some pasta salad and a nice ‘small’ treat too.


We spread the picnic out on the blanket and off we munch. What I really love is that my little girl who’s 2 and a half can choose what she wants to eat. And she can help lay out the plates and napkins too.


It’s a nice way to have quality family time.

After a picnic what better way to explore the countryside or beach than filling up our buckets with shells, feathers, stones and leaves. I love doing this and my little girl loves filling up her bucket (Sadly though she is a collector of stones so she collects them and I pick up the nice things for a picture)

Collecting re-enforces learning and by taking things home and talking about them it also creates wonderful memories.


A really simple and easy bit of fun is to create a nature trail checklist so your little one has to find the objects on your sheet-I draw a leaf, a branch, a flower and a stone on a piece of paper. My daughter finds each one and puts them in her bucket to take home. There are some great free resources online which I print off for sunny days like today:

The Woodland Trust Nature Detectives has a great page on free downloads split in to seasons. All sorts of ideas for you:


Keeping a toddler entertained is hard work- letting them run free outside to explore and collect takes so much pressure off you and everyone enjoys.

Give it a go-pack your picnic basket or your carrier bag up with goodies and go exploring!

Have a fun time x


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