Weekend cooking

I always wanted my little girl to have home cooked meals every day- it’s not easy but I have stuck to this for over two years now. I’ve learned some ways to make this manageable. I’m no Annabel Karmel-trust me! My kitchen isn’t full of exotic spices and herbs. And to be honest I don’t want it to be.

My cooking is fairly basic but nonetheless quite tasty.

Before my girl came along I didn’t and couldn’t cook at all. I remember serving my husband porridge for breakfast one morning pre-baby. I asked if he liked it and he said the way he’d always had it in the past was a bit different. I asked in what way and he replied ‘It moved’!!!! So this blog is not from a pro-cook, a woman who dreamt all her life of being a mum-no-I’m a working mum who scratches about in her cupboards to rustle up a decent meal without burning it. I also use my oven on one setting-high. Well it works for me.

One part of my routine as a working mum is spending half an hour or so in the kitchen on a Sunday making a few meals for the week ahead.

I often just put a whole roasting tray of potatoes in the oven for freezing.

I take one to work every day and they are an easy tea for my daughter-covered in beans, spaghetti, chilli or a casserole.

It saves so much time and thought.

This week I’ve cut up some sweet potatoes, sprayed them with low fat cooking oil and sprinkled on some herbs. These are great to put ready (And can be frozen) for my daughter to have in nursery for lunch. Nutritious, filling, healthy and you can play while they’re cooking


Every weekend I make a set of sugar-free jellies.

37p for two packets-enough to make 10 jellies. My little girl loves these and one quick boil of the kettle and you have enough jellies for the working week.

I found a great recipe today for sweet potato soup from the BBC Good Food site:

I always make soup because it’s the best way to get my toddler to eat her vegetables and as a constant dieter I can eat it too. I’ll blend the soup and put it in a plastic bowl to eat throughout the week.

I love it! Basic cooking skills required.

Finally I made a really easier Weight Watchers tomato, basil and quark filo tart.


Great for the picnic we’re about to go on today to the local estuary.

Have a great weekend. more about picnics next week


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